Pilot Plants


The FIC has two distinct pilot plants that are available for new product development and research. The pilot plants are FDA and ODA inspected, meeting safety and sanitation needs. Equipment mobility permits rearrangement to desired product flow patterns. As a result, the pilot plants can be utilized one day as a teaching and demonstration area, utilizing current processing technologies and procedures, and the next day, with minor modifications, can function as a research facility probing new concepts and procedures.


Snack Foods: extrusion, baking, mixing, frying. 
Dairy Processing: fluid milk processing, ice cream, yogurt and cheese products, Microthermics, CIP test unit.
Thermal Processing: thermal studies, fruit and vegetable canning, blanching, juice extraction. 
Frozen Foods: -10oF and -40oF freezers, blast freezing, freeze drying.


For a full list of our equipment, click here.

Interested in processing your product in the Pilot Plant? Contact our office at 614-292-7004 or osufic@osu.edu to get started!