Introduction to Food Science Essentials (Online Course)

March 26, 2018

New Dates Added and Registration Open

This introductory online based training is focused on the essential elements of food science and technology. The course allows and encourages collaboration between participants and provides an outstanding platform for networking. Completion of Introduction to Food Science Essentials will provide participants with a firm foundation of food science knowledge to be immediately applied in their current positions.

Topics Covered

  • An Introduction to the Field of Food Science
  • Evaluation of Food Quality
  • Food Components and Nutrition
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food Safety

Course Description
This is a ten week course consisting of weekly online modules hosted on the Canvas learning management system (LMS) – the Ohio State University’s online education platform –, comprised of PowerPoint presentations, videos, demonstrations, and supplementary readings. Each week, participants will view a sequence of lectures and complete multiple choice quizzes, to assess and reinforce learning and to aid in course progression. A variety of written assessments will also be utilized throughout the course. Participants will be required to complete a term paper or presentation, centered on a topic relevant to their work in the food industry. Additionally, a final written examination will be assigned at the end of the course to determine participant’s mastery of the material and ability to use this knowledge in “real world” applications.

Upcoming Course Dates